Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my muse comes back with the rain

It's been very dry here for weeks. When the neighbors mow their grass, dust follows them like a shadow. This morning it sprinkled a few drops as I left for work so I took my umbrella. About 11:30 as I was leaving for a meeting, it poured. It was a damn deluge. The intersections were flooded and cars looked like they were surfing. I ran into the PO and was soaked in spite of the umbrella. Regis says it amounted to about 2 inches.

We cooked turkey legs (brined...the key) on the grill tonight. We had to sit in the garage because the rain was threatening again. The damn flies are an abomination this time of year. I waved the swatter through the air every few minutes but they were not deterred. It was a delicious meal...turkey legs and stuffed mushrooms and pino grigio.

We don't have television (we're devolving) so we haven't watched any of the convention. I listened to a little bit tonight on msnbc and my mom taped the DFL women last night for me. She called tonight to say she'd tape Bill, too. Nice to have a good-hearted and liberal mother who will do that for you. It's an historic moment...a black man and a woman. I think I'll get cable again just for the election coverage.

I see the other guy might pick the dude from Utah for his running mate. I'm booking a flight to New Zealand in case that happens. Well, I wouldn't leave just because he picked him but if they would get elected, I'm out of here. I'm not sure if the nitwit from MN would be better or worse. You can tell I'm avoiding election google searches. DISCLAIMER: If you are in middle school, do not use this information in a research paper.

Our garage is about two feet from the neighbors. He is very conservative. Very conservative. We like to sit in the garage and talk about our liberal political views and I bet it about sends him around the bend. Or maybe he just goes in the back yard to trap some more moles. Not like we're the pulse of the nation.

The robot guy on the weather alert radio is going on about large hail and damaging winds. Oh great. He just went off the air which reminds me of the day of the tornado. Bruce Davis, the voice of the valley, had been broadcasting all day and suddenly he was gone. He wasn't gone, literally, but the radio was off the air. Scary.

I didn't mean to publish that yet. My damn finger hovered over the damn keyboard for too long and suddenly there is activity. I hate that. Maybe it's a sign.

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