Friday, August 15, 2008

I passed my egd

My EGD went fine. The doctor said things looked about the same as last time and he would call me when the pathology report comes back. Things almost went awry. I was answering questions for the nurse and she kept mentioning the name of a doctor I don't know. I said who's Dr. So-and-So. She said my doctor was up all night doing emergency surgery so he had sent Dr. So-and-S0 to do the EGD. Whoa, Nelly. I must have gotten a stricken look because she wanted to know if that was alright. Not being a whiner, I said of course. But about an hour later she poppped in to tell me that my doctor was here after all, she had talked to him about me, and he would do my procedure. (Uh oh.) All in all, it was better than the last one I had. They must have either given me more versed or given it to me sooner because I don't remember the garden hose at all.

And that nurse anesthetist I talked to the other day? He did take the day off...and he did not, as I asked, make note: NERVOUS PATIENT. Harrumph.

I was making careful observations all along, thinking of my blog. Shortly after I got back to my stall, I heard some poor soul (Don't read this, Mom!) emitting the most melodious and protracted flatulence I have ever heard. I must have been a little dopey yet because I took a little note card out of purse and wrote down: melodious and protracted fart. I must have thought I was quite clever. What a turn of phrase! I have to write this down!

I missed my allergy pill today, not wanting to turn into a vegetable by mixing drugs, so I've been sneezing like mad.

We're watching Field of Dreams tonight. It's one of our favorite movies, especially this time of year. Regis and I have both visited the Field of Dreams movie site in Iowa and it's a very mystical experience. I have pictures of my kids coming out of the corn when Peter was still in diapers. It looks just like it did in the movie except for a little souvenir stand. The movie gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa.

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