Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday evening

Regis and I are in our usual Friday night positions...lawn chairs in the front yard. We got home about 1:30 and the very first thing we did after petting the dog was to crawl into our own bed and take a nap. I think we could have slept all night but Young Regis and Amber stopped to say hello and we're glad they did.

We had a comfortable trip home. We stopped at Culver's in's orders to take a walk halfway home. We stopped at Cabella's too, but we weren't in the mood to buy ammunition today so it was a short stop.

A line of bad storms moved through Minnesota yesterday morning and we saw the damage all the way home...lots of trees and branches down. We were in a room in the hospital and the nurse came in and closed the curtains. We laughed and asked her what good that would do in a bad storm. I remember glass and shingles embedded in the kitchen walls. A curtain won't stop that but it probably made me less nervous.

I stayed with my cousin Steve, his wife Sherry, and their daughter Katie for the last two nights. What great hospitality. They made me feel so welcome and took care of everything I needed...mostly wine! They have a little dog named Pepsi who they rescued from a road ditch and a convict. Long story. Pepsi is quite the Jack Russell and kind of a reincarnation of Bert, our old JR. He humps legs, chews your socks, runs around like a psycho, and sleeps in the beds.

I wish Regis would let me take a picture of his belly for my blog but I don't think he will so I won't ask. It was like Star Trek surgery. I know I'm probably repeating myself, I've talked to so many people in the last week I can't remember who I told what. You can hardly tell he had surgery and the nurse told us the laproscopic doc has to manipulate things like video game controls to do the cutting. It's like a miracle. I remember feeling like this after I had a baby. You put your life in this person's hands and then you just walk out the door. Amazing and so much to be grateful for you can hardly articulate it.

Regis was raised Catholic but he's not religious now. When we were sitting in his room today, waiting to be discharged, he found a Bible in the drawer. He took it out to check for the imprimatur (the official stamp of approval of the Catholic church) and then told me about how the Song of Solomen was not in Catholic Bibles for a long time because it's basically erotica. He opened the Bible and started reading a little in that chapter. Nothing like porn in the hospital. The surgeon's nurse came in at that moment, sees him reading the Bible, apologized and started to back out the door. I said, no, no, not what you think! Regis is the last person you would expect to find reading the Bible but we do appreciate the prayers of all the Lutheran ladies, Mom.

The other funny thing that happened is that I had to pick a t-shirt out of his bag for him to wear home today. I randomly picked this one...for him to wear in a Catholic hospital. Not a good choice. He wore his pajama shirt out to the parking lot and changed behind the car. He's a man with an irreverent sense of humor...what can I say?

The doctors and nurses were the nicest people and took such good care of both of us. I felt sad that we had to leave without saying good-bye but I suppose they have other business to tend to. If we had a lot of money they would get a big donation from us.

I spent a lot of time in the hospital watching the Mayo History Channel. Apparently they give a copy of the Mayo Brothers book to all the new employees but I didn't find anyone who was quite as enamoured of it as I was. I loved the videos of Will and Charlie.

I'm starting to ramble so I'll quit and go on a walk around the block with Regis and Kramer. I'll be back tomorrow!

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