Sunday, August 24, 2008

feels like fall

I spent most of yesterday afternoon sitting in a lawn chair in a semi-comatose state. I stared at the anomometer on the top of the house and watched the birds in the garden. After all summer, they've decided they will eat the safflower seeds in the feeder after all. I can't seem to make blogger stop with the italics this morning so bear with it. It doesn't mean anything.

We're worried about our dog, Kramer. He has bad eyes which he has had since birth; he has cataracts in both eyes now and sees very little. He had surgery to remove one cataract when he was two but we haven't invested in any more expensive eye surgery for him. His left eye we noticed last night, is weepy and kind of sunken. He seems not quite himself. We lost Bert a year ago, Paul and Julie's dog Molly died a few weeks ago, and now Kramer isn't well. Bad year for neighborhood dogs.

Regis and I went for a bike ride this morning. I have an old Schwinn (almost 25 years old) and Regis has a recumbent bike. He lets me ride his bike because mine is modified and the bar is too high for me to swing my leg over. I've looked at new bikes and this is the one I'd like:

Here's what the description says: Giant's Women's Simple Seven takes you to relaxed-riding heaven with an easy-pedaling 7-speed drivetrain so you can cruise further and with less effort. The linear-pull brakes give you plenty of braking power. And, you'll also love the cushy balloon tires, wide saddle and spacious handlebars. Yes, I bet I would.

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