Tuesday, August 26, 2008

busy days

I was just reading in the Trib about The Miracle of Birth Center at the Minnesota State Fair. I checked out the pictures and I love the baby animals but they make the whole process look easier and cleaner than I think it is. Of course, who would want to see the real thing on the internet? The caption under one of the photos said the mama pig was tired of pregnancy or birth, or maybe both.

Speaking of miracles, Charlie does a good review of some of the fair foods, and some of the folks who go there to eat it. My favorite is the chocolate covered pig lickers. That's chocolate bacon, in case you haven't heard.

Regis and I are looking forward to a weekend doing nothing. We have no plans, no lists, and will probably have no gumption by then. Our lawn needs cutting, but as you know our standards are quite far below those of the community when it comes to that so we may let it produce a little more oxygen before we take any drastic measures. My compulsive neighbor is on an alternating day schedule: water one day, cut the next. Does that make any sense?

Hey, it's only Tuesday. How can that be?

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