Thursday, August 14, 2008

almost fall evening

Regis is boxing up some shoes he sold on ebay. He bought them on ebay, wore them for two years, and made his money back plus some. Go figure. He makes up great stories to go with the stuff he sells and I think it helps. He sold an accordian for a friend of ours a couple years ago and the story almost made you weep.

We had a day off together today. I think it was the second one all summer that didn't involve a doctor or a hospital. We went to Drummers in Mankato and bought some herbs that we'll try to maintain over the winter. I'm not too hopeful with our pitiful supply of sunshine from November to April but we'll give it a shot. Maybe we should find someone who has indoor crops and grow lights to help us out. Yeah, and spend the next ten years in the pen.

We sat in the yard for a while this afternoon and it felt like fall. Young Regis came over and enjoyed the Cabella's lawn chair and a beer while I puttered with the herbs and Regis made jokes.

I have an EGD tomorrow. I told my mom it was a GED but she didn't think that was right. It's the endoscope thing. She also wanted to know how old my neice is and I said not only did I not know, I had to ask someone today to figure out how old I am. I know when I was born but I can never remember if I'm one age or the one I'm turning. I have other things on my mind.

One son is taking me to the hospital for my EGD and the other will pick me up when I call. Regis will be working as he has used up all available sick time with his own hospitalization this summer. He feels like he's leaving me at the curb or something but it isn't a big deal. I might cry but what the hell; I cry a lot. I cried the last time I had one of these, several times in fact and I've found, in general, medical people are not patient with crying in adult women. They shouldn't take it so personally: I cry at American Express commercials when the people on their honeymoon lose their traveler's checks; I cry when Santa comes out at the end of the Macy's parade; I cry when the flags go by on the 4th of July. It's bad crying genes.

We watched The Graduate last night. It was not as entertaining as we remember it being in 1968. Roger Ebert's review of the 30th anniversary revival is quite a hoot. He remembers it being more entertaining, too, and wonders now, why they cheered at the end when Benjamin grabs Elaine out of the church. I wonder why Elaine thought she had such a great deal: she dumps a guy who is going to be a doctor for an unemployed dude who can only leave the church on a yellow city bus. I think she was a little perverted, too.

I have a big weekend. Joanne's son is getting married on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 in LeSueur, the reception is in Chaska, and then I'm going to a reunion of my old high school friends in Eden Prairie. I'll stay over night and come home Sunday morning. It's a lot of traveling and socializing for me. I doubt there will be photos of the events, at least none that I take. I'll have enough trouble without worrying about a camera.

I started the Sedaris book last night. Some of the essays are hilarious and others are not so funny and I skip to the end. I understand though; a guy can't be funny all the time. It's interesting to think about how much of his essays are truth and which parts are just exaggeration for effect or humor. I loved the one about the babysitters they had when their parents went on vacations. That can't all be true!

Enough for today. See ya.

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Jill said...

Good luck with the scope. Maybe they'll find colonies of miniature people living in your esophagus. Who says we have to go to outer space to find intelligent life?

Have fun at your slumber party.Are you setting each others hair and doing manicures and facials? I keep picturing a scene from "Bye Bye, Birdie" when you go off with your high school friends for the annual slumber party.