Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a very long day and I only cried twice

A quick update on Regis and the surgery and all of that. We got up at 4 and left home at 5 to be here by 6:45. We had appointment after appointment all day with lots of extended waiting which doesn't usually happen to us here. By 3:00, the muzak and the stimulation from FOX television (where everything is a major screaming disaster) reports of the earthquake which you cannot turn off or change the channel of, were starting to get to me. They put us in a room to wait for the last two surgical consults. We spent two and a half hours in that room and spent a total of 4 minutes with the doctors. We did have a few laughs over it, like just leave your card on the chair and let's get the hell out of here. The last guy said the first guy would actually do the surgery and he was just the conduit. Regis said (after he left...and you have to imagine an Italian accent): Conduit? How con-you-a-duit? You canna even get here on time. It was very funny. He claims it's from a movie but I think he made it up. We're finally checked into the hotel which has going for it that it's close but not going for it that it's older than hell and smells kind of bad like an old hotel. The beds are like little bitty cardboard boxes. I should have brought a bottle of wine.

So, that's the story for now. Oh I forgot the good news. Regis passed his cardiac stress test with flying colors. The cardiac doctor said the stress test is harder on your heart than surgery so there should be no problem. In the stress of the day, Regis snapped at me about his advanced directive so I told him I was going to call a priest for last rites when he took a turn for the worse, then have a huge coffin and a Lutheran funeral. All the things that would really piss him off. I suggested he not do anything to irritate the doctor who is going to cut on him or the woman in charge of advanced directives. Good advice, eh?

More tomorrow. The have wi-fi everywhere here so I could probably sit out under a tree and write a post to my blog.


Anonymous said...

If he goes for a Lutheran funeral, I will personally make the hot dish. Your Dad wanted to have his funeral in the Catholic church because he thought they made the better hot dish. Bruce thought he really meant it and was already to go to St. Peters. Tell the old guy " Good Luck ".

deb said...

Geez, too bad about FOX TV...but after getting scolded in the Mayo workout center about my attire, I'm thinking it's way more republican there than I even dreamed! Good luck tomorrow....it's the finest medical care, the stuff of kings and queens!