Saturday, July 19, 2008

Uff da Saturday

While Regis was at work this morning, I cleaned the bathroom and scrubbed the kitchen floor. I was wicked hot and sweaty by the time that job was done. When he got home about noon, we headed to Mankato to buy groceries, stop at the liquor store looking for Daly's pina colada mix, and to go to Office Max for Print Artist. The grocery store was packed of course, it being Saturday afternoon. We're accustomed to shopping early in the morning so this was a pain in the ass. I came home way over-stimulated and maybe a tad cranky. I'm going to have something cold to drink and maybe take a nap. My sleep was interrupted last night by the dog shaking his head like he had an earache. Poor thing. When I rubbed his ear, he moaned and rolled over for a belly scratch. Well, not in the middle of the night, Kramer.

Now to top it off, we are under a tornado watch until 10:00 tonight. I hate that. The weather is really brutal. It's only about 80 degrees but the humidty is 78% and the dew point is 72. It feels turbulent. I think I'll go in the bedroom to read.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Teresa,
Can I come read in the bedroom with you? My mommy and daddy are dragging me to the Caribou Gun Club for a wedding tonight. Now, that's funny (as you'd say).
I'd better put some stones in my pockets in case the winds pick up. You do the same.