Sunday, July 20, 2008

tough being hip

As you can see, I'm being put forward by a grassroots movement for President. To hell with action plans!

I've spent all day monkeying around with video, trying to get my pc to recognize my video camera, trying to make the damn thing import video, and trying to upload the stupid video to youtube so I can post it here. I finally quit. It's not easy being technologically hip.

I see now that you can upload video from your mobile phone. Loud piercing scream. I can't even tell you how many times I typed in those stupid mixed up letters. Those are not written for anybody with less than 20/15 vision. Holy shit, Batman.

The video was Regis doing the first thirty seconds of The Evolution of Dance which might not be funny to you anyway. And since you can see the real video of the E of D in the background, I'd probably get brought up on copyright violation charges and spend the next five years in the pen. If the food was good and the mattress wasn't too bad, maybe I could cope with that.

I'm remorseful about all the cussing and the complaining but it's been a stressful weekend for some reason. I've been snappish about a lot of things: the paint chipping off the front door, the video camera, the heat and humidity, sleeping issues, and the dog's earache. I think the arthritis index is high as well as the frizz index, either of which is apt to put you over the edge.


Anonymous said...

You've got my vote. Just don't ask me to tattoo your name on my a _ _ because I'm not into it. I'm okay with the lower back, though. Great grassroots campaigning, Teresa!

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! How do people think these things up?