Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday update

It wasn't even close to two hours. Everything seemed to take much longer than anticipated. Regis got out of surgery about 3:30 and I talked to the surgeon about an hour after that. He said it was rough as there were many hernias, not just one big one. Almost like every stitch from the old surgery had ripped out. The other part, the plastic ring, went very smoothly and he said Regis should feel much better after this. He was amazed he could get any food through his esophagus. By the time they got him to the room, it was almost 6. We talked for a few minutes, he pushed the morphine pump, and said I should go. I'll go back this morning to spend the day so I'll try to post a couple things later. Right now the doctor thinks he will be able to go home tomorrow but we'll see. He has quite a bit of pain from all the hernia patching.

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