Sunday, July 06, 2008


Some things I like in the news:
I posted an entry about this guy last year. He ties all these balloons to a chair and flies through the air. He lands by shooting the balloons with a BB gun. You have to read the whole story to believe it. It's not the kind of thing I would ever do, being a chicken, but it's the whimsical kind of thing I really admire.

This is a kid from Owatonna who works in a fireworks stand called Vapor of Smoke. I would never work there, being a chicken, but I admire the name of the place. Thanks, Annie!

This is the 35W bridge in Minneapolis. This is one of those things, like airplanes and birds, that's just beyond comprehension. How do they even begin to plan something like this, and then, most amazing of all, it meets in the center like it should.

This reminds me of a story. After the tornado, our front walk was destroyed. I had in my head that I wanted a paver walk so I looked in the Herald and called some dude who advertised that kind of work. He came right away and gave me an estimate of $1,000. Everything cost a thousand dollars after the tornado. I think they didn't know what to say and when they met up for coffee in the morning, that was the agreed upon price. This guy said he had a PhD in botony, as if that made it worth all the money.

So, I ask this guy when he can start. Tomorrow he says. Uh oh. Should have been another red flag, but there was so much messed up and the idea of getting something done fast was just too inviting. He shows up and commences to build this paver walkway. Now I don't know much about laying walks like that but I know you should use a string and a level. He had neither.

After a couple hours, I'm in the house visiting with my neighbor when the PhD knocks on the door. I have a problem he says. What's that I ask. If I keep going, he says, the walk won't meet your door. And I can see he's right. The walk takes a pretty sharp veer to the right and he's going to miss the front door by about six inches.

This is what you get when you hire a botonist to lay a sidewalk, I guess. Drive by my house, or better yet, walk by. Close one eye and look down that paver walk. It's crooked and it's wavy enough to make you seasick. The guy is still around here practicing his art, so call me for the lowdown before you hire anyone to do any brickwork.

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