Tuesday, July 08, 2008

somebody has offered me a lot of money to do this

It's why I sit here with a glass of iced coffee, letting the breeze blow in the front door, waiting for the smell of beans to tell me they're boiling. Somebody has offered me a lot of money to spend my day doodling on this blog. It's not true but it would be nice if life were like that.

There are things blooming in the garden: monarda, coneflowers, lilies, and things of which I do not recall the names. I'm going to have Regis take pictures tonight at dusk as it's the best time for garden pictures. The pictures will make it look like Martha Stewart's garden and if you happen to go by here, you'll see that's not true either. I embrace weeds as well as moles and rabbits. Sometimes weeds yield a pleasant look. I don't like things in rows and I think the Monet effect of plants running into each other is nice. Last year one night, I lit dozens of candles in the garden and Regis took pictures. It was just lovely.

When I was in college, I spent one hour in a philosophy class. The instructor said we were going to talk about whether the chair was really a chair or if it was a dream. I don't even remember the discussion but I never went back and I dropped the class. What the hell does that mean anyway? I was thinking about truth and non-truth and it made me think of this.

Of course, this was 1970 and things were strange then. I had a psychology class where, on the first day, the instructor never got out from under a table on the stage. The second day, he stood up and said if your name was on the list, you got an A. And he left. We looked at each other, shrugged, and left. Today, I might be inclined to squawk.

I'm desperately seeking a swag lamp that looks like this:
I want to keep my dining table in the living room and we need more light. It's ok in the summer but by fall, we're going to have to learn Braille eating. If you have one of these laying around your basement (in the room with the lime green shag carpeting and the Dave Clark Five posters) let me know. I'll have to buy this one on eBay if none of my friends come up with one. I'll pick it up and I won't reveal on my blog that you still had it after all these years which of course, begs the question, why I want one. It's just my weird taste, that's all.


Jill said...

I can picture the lamp in several homes of friends with whom I listened to the Dave Clark 5.

Anonymous said...

I remember you giving me an orange one that I used at the lake for years. I think the best place to locate a lamp like that would be in an old junk dealer's garage. Buy one on E Bay. You can always spray paint it.