Monday, July 21, 2008

shopping and the sin of envy

Kramer had a yeast infection in his right ear. The vets and the techs are so kind there (at the Kind Vet Clinic) and took very good care of all of it. I won't even complain about the cost. They run a very tidy ship there and they're all so professional. Nobody gave us the razzmatazz about teeth cleaning or the senior blood panel.

Regis had the day off so we went shopping. We rarely go to stores anymore without a specific mission in mind. We were looking for a beer can chicken cooker and found a nice one at Home Depot. Also a chimney charcoal starter that will be a birthday present for a friend of ours who starts his charcoal with gasoline currently. Whoosh. We worry about that. We stopped at Kohl's and Regis got a pair of nice khaki shorts and I got some stemless white wine glasses. The sales were great. At Gordmann's I bought a a set of appetizer plates that I really didn't need but they were two dollars and I figure it's an excuse to have a party. New wine glasses and appetizer plates.

I bought a little white blanket for Tiffany's baby. They're coming down Saturday and I wanted to have a present for her baby. She's so excited. She wants her grandma to make a blanket as she still sleeps with the one grandma made her when she was a baby. Bless her heart.

We had dinner at Mazatlan and enjoyed it as much as we always do. They're so polite and friendly and the food, authentic Mexican (like we would know...a Polish guy from Philadelphia and a Norwegian), is delicious.

I realize I've gone on and on today. Hey, the title says spellbound by our own imperfect lives. Oh, and I got a haircut today. And I forgot about the sin of envy. I'll save that one for tomorrow.

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Amanda said...

at 30, i still sleep with my baby blanket, too, made by my oma. i asked her to make one for callum, but making a blanky at 50 or so and one at nearly 80 turned out to be a different experience. he sleeps with the one she bought him, but often asks to sleep with mommy's blanky (and only rarely is he granted this privilege!).