Thursday, July 24, 2008

the race is on

Peter and I had a very nice time in Canby visiting my mom. We didn't do a thing but sit and visit...inside, by the front door, on the back deck. We ordered a pizza and had a margarita for dinner and sat up and visited until almost ten. This morning we did the and visiting. It was very nice.

On the way home, we had a near-miss with a forty-foot grain bin going down the road. This is not a picture of the actual event...the grain bin we almost hit was MUCH bigger (it took up the entire road and half the ditches on both sides) and it was on a county road. I started to write about it but it involves too many vehicles and too many ridiculous things but no hazard lights, no flags, no nothing to indicate this was ahead of us. Peter, who has little tolerance for this kind of malarky, looked out the window and gave a gesture that said what the hell. All the people in the pick-ups just smiled and waved. Oh, country life.

Regis and I will be going to Rochester very early on Tuesday. He'll have a couple of cardiac exams and we'll meet with the surgeon later in the day and if all goes well, they'll do the surgery on Wednesday. We have a reservation at the Fiksdal Hotel, right across from St. Mary's and I'm planning to stay until at least Thursday and maybe Friday. I'll try to post news here as soon as I have it. I'll have my cell phone and there are computers all over the place there. No hunting for a pay phone like in the old days.

Remember the days of pay phones? We drove by one today and Peter said he'd used one once. It's probably been about ten years since cell phones and computers took over communication. I still have a phone card in my purse that's probably ten years old and maybe an antique. Now it's hard to imagine our lives without computers and cell phones. Everybody's got ' friend Retired Larry has a cell phone and my mom's moving on to her third computer.

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Anonymous said...

Oh gees, I remember those days of only pay phones when trying to let family and friends know about surgery or a new baby. It seemed like a huge leap to use phone cards with a pay phone or a waiting room phone. How did we communicate anything back then?