Monday, July 14, 2008

the pool

I went to a meeting this afternoon then stopped to see a friend of mine. We sat outside and even though it was nice and there was a good breeze, I got heated up. Regis and I cooked patty melts on the grill that were delicious but it was more heat so I had to get in the pool a while ago. I know some people have their pools in the backyard but we have ours in the little indoor room with the toilet.

I'm in the midst of a do-over: Returning to Earth. It's kind of the sequel to True North by Jim Harrison, or at least it happens after that book. The characters are so vivid in both books that my mind wanders to them during the day. I've read True North a couple times, too, and Regis said the only other book that I've gone on and on about is Oranges by John McPhee. My family members actually got so tired of my facts about oranges that they told me to shut up about it the summer I read it. Did you know that all the orange trees in Florida are grafted onto the roots of a rough lemon tree because they're more disease and drought resistant? John McPhee is a writer without equal...he can make anything interesting.

My boat anchor laptop is down to 51% of the battery. That means I have about 30 seconds until it shuts down.

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