Friday, July 04, 2008

parade and picnics and rubber ducks and such

We had a great day at the parade and the events following. The weather couldn't have been better and there were some memorable moments. The marshals of the parade were members of the Engesser family dressed in their circus garb: clowns and a strong man. The next group was a large contingent of Chinese students who are studying at Gustavus for the week. It was the sweetest thing; there they were carrying flags, smiling, and waving.

The Democrats made a good showing in this parade, too, and several of them came over to shake hands with Regis. It isn't like they know him...he just seems to be a magnet. Reggie says it's because he's a tree-hugger. Ha! Al Franken's son came over with a guy carrying a sign that said, "This is Al Franken's son, Joe Franken." I said I want his job. Sign carrier.

One of our favorite units was the Lutheran Summer Music Camp. It was a large group of young Lutherans marching together in matching t-shirts and playing kazoos. It was wonderful and weird and such a Garrison Keillor moment. Then they started to dance and Joanne had the best line of the morning: I didn't know Lutherans could dance. She didn't mean can as in an ecclesiastical permission kind of can but in a shake your booty kind of can. I said normally they can't, being an example myself.

There's a tiny slide show at the bottom of this post of some parade pictures. If you want to see the pictures bigger, you can go HERE!

Apparently my damn duck didn't win the race, Paul. Harrumph.

The rest of the day was fun as well...picnic at Bob and Emily's, steak on the grill at Tom and Betty's house, a swim in their pool, relaxing in the cabana.

After being outside from 9 this morning until now, almost 9 in the evening, I'm ready for bed. The tractor pull, which of course, saves the biggest and loudest for last but even at that, I doubt I'll make it for the fireworks. Kramer is half scared out of his little wits already.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!

Congratulations to my brother Pat and his wife, Helen. They won a trip to Hawaii!

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PP said...

Re: the ducks,

My trusty 7 year-old assistant and I showed up at the duck race to assume our duties in the second canoe out on the pond. The canoe never showed up, however, so we were left watching the ducks drift (I don't think I'd call it a race) from shore. We lasted about 15 minutes unti my assistant said, "I kinda wanna go." I raced him to the car.