Wednesday, July 30, 2008

next morning

Sorry for being such a wretch last night. We've worked out our differences over the advanced directive so I won't threaten my husband with a priest today. He called the surgery hotline last night and we have to be there by 8. Of course, we woke up at 4 again.

Of all weird ironies, we got a phone call last night from Mary Rogotzki, Regis's nurse when he was in the hospital nine years ago. She took such good care of us both and we've kept in touch at Christmas time all these years. She's going to be at St. Mary's tomorrow visiting a friend so she'll find us and visit for a while. We always felt like she was our angel.

I slept fairly well on this hard bed but my shoulder is killing me. Probably fromt toting along all the stuff I might possibly need yesterday but didn't. I'm going to need a massage when I get home...I've got that shoulder issue, zingers in my back on the other side, and a stiff neck. What a mess.

Sherry's coming over today to spend some time with me, and kindly invited me to stay with them tonight. They have a new dog, a Jack Russell terrorist as she called it. Oh no! It could be Bert reincarnated. I'll have to tell them a couple stories about Bert.

Well, off to the races today. I'll post later when Regis is done being cut.

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