Monday, July 21, 2008


Disclaimer: Mom just notified me (see the comment) that I made some mistakes in my chronology and in my math. Disregard all the numbers in this post. I'm not sure exactly when she graduated or which reunion this was. It's clear I suck at math. And memory. Peter was disturbed the other day because I didn't remember what year he graduated from high school. A person has only so much room in his head.

Mom's getting a lot of press lately because it's her birthday month. This is a picture of the 70th reunion of the Twin Valley High School class of 1948. (Almost did the math wrong and wrote 1930.) She's the second from the left in the first row. You might have to click on the picture to be able to see it but she has a ring of flowers in her hair from the Scandinavian Street Fair in Fargo. At the reunion, they were supposed to stand up and tell about themselves and she did, reluctantly, then asked if they were done with the obits so they could have some fun.

Re: the radio problem in the previous post. Regis took the thing apart as men are wont to do, and it was a Duracell battery that leaked. Leaked is not the right word...more like split open and gushed it's raw materials out all over my table. Now there's a deal for you. Needless to say, the Duracell folks have received a scathing email from the pen of my husband.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE....I did not graduate from high school when I was seven years old. Teresa, you are rotten at math, but you must know that it could not have been my 70th class reunion. I think your brain has ceased to function in the heat. I am praying for winter so you can get your smarts and nice disposition back.

Jill said...

Your mom is concerned about your mental health. Does she know what 20 below zero with 30 mph winds do to you in the winter? That's a math problem you'll want to work on!