Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lutheran Church Dining Hall

My mom's Lutheran Church in Canby has a little food stand where she works during the Yellow Medicine County Fair. She's the morning egg fryer. Mom sent me a note this week that said:

I am a nasty chef and when people ask for different version of eggs I growl and tell them they get them like I make them. No scrambled, no over easy, no soft, no hard, just plain fried eggs. Good help is hard to find.

I thought her comments were so funny I told her I wanted to publish them and I had her take a couple pictures of the stand. You can see it used to have a walk-up service window but now has two window air conditioners. Mom told me to zoom in and see that they still sell coffee and lemonade for fifty cents. Just no over easy eggs. In fact, click on the picture and check out the menu. That's pure Midwest.

We're in (Is that IN or UNDER?) a tornado watch. We planned to cook on the grill but Regis had to go out and cover it so it doesn't get wet if we do get rain. Miles, when you go to the Caribou Gun Club for that wedding (eeuuuwww...could they change the name for one night?) make sure to check out a storm shelter. If they have a large walk-in cooler, that would be the place to go. Don't let on to the other guests though, that it's where you're headed or you'll have lots of company. Tell your mom to get a table close to the cooler and then just saunter over slowly when things start to pop. Take a jacket and put something in the door so you can get out when it's over.

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Jill said...

Thanks for thinking of Miles' safety this evening. I hope he read your blog before he left for the gun club wedding. His mommy called when they were on their way, apparently having come across the wrong wedding. I lost her signal in the middle of the story she was telling, so lord knows if there is phone reception in them thar parts.