Monday, July 07, 2008

a cold beer might taste good about now

We've had two really hot days in a row. The kind of days when an icy cold beer would taste good. Neither of us has the gumption to motor to the liquor store, however, so I guess it's just a dream. The liquor store is about two blocks away...not like we like in the sticks and can't make it there in five minutes.

After a very muggy day, all of a sudden a bout 5:00, the dew point dropped, the sky cleared, and a nice breeze came up. We had a couple very nice hours sitting in the shade in our new Cabella's chairs.

One of our distant neighbors was doing some cement work as we lounged. He had a giant saw that made this horrific noise and raised a fierce cloud of dust. Our closest neighbor had a cement guy over there scoping out the situation, apparently in preparation for major sidewalk revision. I said one of the things that really annoys me about summer is that some people feel this compulsion to do loud home improvements. I should live in a town that doesn't require sidewalks and curb and gutter, maybe there would be less of that kind of thing. I suppose it would be hard to go to the library or order a pizza in a town like that but it would be quiet except for the folks whooping it up on Budweiser. Now that's funny. Another option would be that we get on the loud home improvement kick ourselves but I don't think that's likely.

We've moved from the front yard to the back porch. You can only expose your industrious neighbors to so much sloth in one day without being afraid they'll call the county on you. There has to be an ordinance against this kind of lazy behavior.

I'm on a cooking strike tonight so Regis ordered a pizza, thinking that the frozen variety was not appealing. I like a frozen pizza once in a while. For some reason he gave them a phone number we haven't had for two years so now we have to keep jumping up to see if they're here. The reason for that is we have a door bell that only works intermittently. And who said we were lazy?

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