Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Check, check, check

Errands were done today but it was a trial. I stopped at school first then went to the courthouse. Had to drive around and around for a parking spot. When I tried to find the thing for my tabs. It was gone. I would have gone in to see if I could get them by some other method, but I knew it had a name on I haven't had for ten years and that might complicate things so I drove back to work and there it was laying in the dirt. I had walked over it and driven over it several times. It was mangled but readable. Got my tabs, then went to the PO, but forgot the big envelope so had to go home and get one of those. I was really organized for this trip, too.

Regis wanted to cook chicken on the grill but I have an aversion to heat and didn't really want to sit out there. I had no gumption and I was grumpy. Then I remembered an old trick my parents used to do in the days before AC. I took a big white dish pan out, filled it full of icy water from the hose, and sat with my feet in it. Amazing how cool it keeps you. (Now really, does that seem rube-ish?) Regis kept filling the tub with cold water while I watched him cook and tote dishes back and forth. The chicken was delicious and I stayed cool and calm.

I picked up a book on the sale shelf at the library today by S.J. Perelman. I didn't have much of a clue about him but I think I thought he was P.J. Wodehouse. Whoever that is. It's a book of letters that Sid wrote to other people in the 40s and 50s. I guess he was quite the wit. Since he's long dead, I might be able to borrow some of his material, in the plagiarism sense. Accidental plagiarism, of course. You know how those words just get in your head.

I took a long nap today. I thought it might make me less cranky but it didn't. There aren't many pleasures I enjoy more than a nap in a dark, cool room on a hot day. I read for a while, watched the ceiling fan whirl, then went to sleep. I'm sure it will mess with my night sleep but what the hell. I have quite a pile of books to read.

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