Friday, July 18, 2008

beer can chicken

We made beer can chicken on the grill tonight. If you aren't familiar, this is where you set the chicken's butt on a beer can on the grill. Here's a picture of the guy cookin' there. We used olive oil and a nice dry rub with salt, pepper, thyme, garlic, and onion, and oh my it was delicious. It's a strange deal. We dumped some of the rub into the beer can (half full) so the moisture and the herbs marinated the chicken while it cooked. I'd recommend it although we might try to find one of those beer can chicken holders. The tripod effect was difficult to obtain.

There's something about working with a whole chicken that's unappealing. They look like they have arms and legs, if you know what I mean. I like my meat to have a less than human appearance.

Peter went to The Dark Knight this evening. I just got a text from him (hip, eh?) and they got tickets but had to wait in line for an hour. It's the Batman movie if you aren't hip.

I went for a walk this morning since I've been trying to force myself to do that every day and I stopped to visit with Bill and Deb a couple blocks down. They have a sweet little Scottie who sat and looked thoughtfully through the porch rails while we visited. Bill told me about his son's dog, the spawn of Satan and a Patterdale terrier, and as I left, this dog arrived and chased me down the street while Bill stood back and hollered. "Marley!" and "See what I mean?" Yeah, I guess.

Regis has to go to his quarterly meeting tomorrow. They always do some goofy inspirational thing and tomorrow, they're doing The Evolution of Dance. If you haven't seen it on Youtube, you must check it out. It's a damn hoot. Regis has to do the first 56 seconds. I think he's lucky being the first because people will think it's a novelty and no matter how bad he is, they'll laugh. After about 4 minutes, it will be lame as hell.

His 56 seconds includes snips of an Elvis tune, Chuck Berry, the BeeGees, and the Village People. He thought about costumes but I said it would be distracting and I am the stage manager, after all. I'd call in sick if it was my gig but since it's his, I hope somebody tapes it. Video here late tomorrow.

I tried to take a nap today but Peter was right behind me working on his financial aide stuff for fall and he mumbled and cussed and carried on so I woke up and helped him. Anything involving the government and money can't be simple, of course, so I don't blame him for being frustrated.

That's all the news for Friday night.

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Jill said...

If you look just right at the chicken, it resembles a golden version of Jerry Seinfeld's famous puffy shirt. You're right. Too human.