Thursday, June 19, 2008

work is for the drinking classes

This is the Oscar that my friend Jill sent me. I love it!

Speaking of Oscar, work is for the drinking classes according to the title of this post. I didn't make that up. I have some cocktail napkins with the quote...Oscar Wilde's words. We went down to our favorite local establishment today after work; Peter, Regis, and me...and ran into Uncle Tom. We had a pitcher of beer and a couple baskets of heart attack and told stories. Since we were about the only customers in the place, it was far from wild, but it was fun. Not quite a hootenany but fun and relaxing. Tom and Regis are good story tellers and Peter is learning.

I think Retired Larry is trying to engage me in a political argument. I'm not very good at that because I can hardly remember what came out of my own mouth last much less the mouth of someone who pays a bazillion dollars to run off at the mouth so it gets put in the paper. While I know it makes a difference in the end because I think the quality of life is different for lots of folks depending on who's in power, I have a hard time working up the enthusiasm for it on a personal level. I'm glad some people can, but I can't. So, I don't care what any of them said. They have far too much money to be honest about anything. The whole dang bunch.

Regis cut the tops off our oxygen producers today. I think since Neighbor started cutting our lawn, Regis has been more self-conscious about the shaggy condition of our pasture. I'd be in favor of getting goats but I think we'd have a hard time confining them. My garden is an abomination. There are weeds everywhere. I know about the time I usually start contending with weeds, some news announcement came out that Preen was being recalled. Tree-hugger that I am, I probably decided to forego it and this is the ugly result. My garden is full of weeds, insects, and moles. Regis would be sort of in favor of a more direct approach for eradication but I won't allow it. The mole trap is in the garage. That is a violent implement for a garden.

I told Neighbor that we would take care of the lawn maintenance on our side of the driveway. He was surprised but seemed to accept it since I asked for a chemical to kill the milkweed. I have embraced milkweed up until this year. The first year I had one milkweed plant. Then four. Now forty-five. It's apparently exponential. The butterflies like it but they can't have it in this number. Not in my garden anyway.

So, almost on to the weekend.


Anonymous said...

No karoke either?

Teresa Saum said...

In order to sing karaoke, I have to drink so much (or at least I'm guessing that I would) that I would be unable to walk to the microphone. This is what my husband calls self-correcting.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to pull you into an argument...I was just cracking wise. Jeez, don't be so sensitive!