Friday, June 20, 2008

Velvet has the same insulating properties as thermal underwear

When I started to write a title for this post, the above popped in as a choice. I really wrote a post once with that as a title, I wondered? Does google just put random words together as if it they make sense? Then the light came on. Oh...hahahaha...I read it as Velveeta has the same insulating properties as thermal underwear. Now, that's funny. I do remember the velvet post. And I think the answer is no to the insulating properties question but it would be a good chemical experiment for Retired Larry.

I was doing dishes about 3:30, staring out the kitchen window and all of a sudden there was a cyclone-like activity in the back yard. I hollered to Regis to check the weather and it was just a front going through. It sure looked wicked there for a minute but it moved on just as suddenly as it came, leaving cooler and breezier weather in its wake.

I'm trying to decide if I should put the book The Pillars of the Earth on hold at the library or stop at Barnes and Noble tomorrow and pick it up. I know it seems like it should be an easy decision but it isn't because there are lots of factors. The book I'm currently reading, and I won't disparage the author by naming it, is getting tiresome. One of the main characters in this book and the last one I read by this author just died and it doesn't matter. I just want to get to the end. If I had something better on hand to read, this book would be a goner.

I have the new Allison Krause and Robert Plant CD. It's a winner. I'll post the youtube video here just because I think it's cool that you can do that. I'm not sure what html is just as I'm not sure how planes lift up and fly into the sky just as I'm always amazed that I can call my cousin in Phoenix when I'm out in the cornfields of southwestern Minnesota. Amazing stuff.

There's a town team baseball game going on over at the park as there is most nights in the summer. It would never interest me to go there and watch it but I love hearing it when we sit on the porch. It's such a summer sound. It makes me think of the summers on the porch when I was a kid. Sometimes we slept there when it was too hot upstairs and Dad listened to ball games on the radio. At least that's how I remember it.

If the wind is right and we can hear the words and not just the sound, we can hear the names. Corky Watson is up to bat. Small town people often keep their nicknames into their adult years. I looked in the local paper to see if I could find more funny names but no luck. I did find an article on a sport with a really bad case of journalistic license. Or lack of license. It's not a direct quote that will impact history, so what the hell. Clean up those run-on sentences, pal. Hahahaha.

We planned to move our grill and chairs to the backyard this summer but we decided we like being in the front so we can visit with neighbors and see what goes on in the hood. Hahahaha.

Well, I've rambled on long enough for tonight. Probably too long.


Anonymous said...

So I took up the challenge and put a pound's worth of Velveeta slices in my shorts this morning. Not much insulation, but we're serving fondue tonight at 9 pm. But no forks!

Anonymous said...

The fondue was so-so.