Monday, June 30, 2008

the unbearable hotness of being

Cool title, eh? I stole it.

I'm sitting on the porch and it's hotter than hell so it isn't a lie. Just a stolen subject line.

Ella was over this afternoon. Peter and I took her to lunch and then to Target. I asked her if she had a swimming pool at home and she said no. So we bought a little blow-up one. Peter spent 45 minutes blowing it up and another 15 putting water in it. She played in it for about 5 minutes. And when Emily came to pick her up, she said that was just like their pool at home. Ha! Way to go, Nana. We had a good time. Whenever Peter's phone would ring she asked who was calling. Good girl! No secret girlfriends here!

I picked Ella up at the home of her mama's friend who is about 9.3 month's pregnant. Ella pointed at her when I came in the door and said, "That baby wants to come out." Yes, indeed, I bet it does.

The temperature is going to take a big spike tomorrow and will cause heads to sweat all over town. 88 degrees. We've hardly had any days over 80 this year. Regis hates the cool weather and wants to bask in the hot sun. There's something wrong with his thermostat.

Annie, I haven't seen any abandoned gas stations that have been turned into fireworks stands but if you tell me where they are, I'll take a new route to avoid them. That seems like double trouble, right there. What if there was an explosion of the fireworks and the gas tanks ignited? It would be like a terminator movie. I just voiced this concern to the men here and they scoffed. Peter says the fireworks in Minnesota don't explode they just hiss and smoke and the worst you would have is a giant sparkler.

I went somewhere there's a generality...and they had fireworks stands right off the freeways. You could scoot right off the freeway and stop and buy your M80's and Black Cats. Could that be true? Maybe it was Elvis museums. I bet it was Missouri. Where I went. Missouri.

I saw a program on PBS once about fireworks factories. They had the buildings surrounded by sand bunkers so if they blew up, bystanders wouldn't be killed by shrapnel and all the little buildings were separated so that if one started on fire they all wouldn't ignite in a giant conflagration. How's that for work stress? I guess action plans and non-negotiable diagrams aren't so bad.

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