Monday, June 23, 2008

summer food

My husband has this weird affinity for winter food this summer. Last week he wanted meatloaf and of course I said, that's winter food and nobody eats that in the summer. But I made it anyway. Good wife. This week he wanted beef commercials. Somebody check out pica for me. Normally (ha) people with pica eat non-edibles or ingredients that wouldn't be considered food by themselves like starch, raw potatoes, or ice cubes. The name comes from the bird magpie which will apparently eat anything. I'm not sure that medical books would consider the eating of winter foods in the summer to be pica but I think I could make a case for it. It's just not done. It's like wearing black socks with sandals. Notice I did not say wool socks with sandals which is a Minnesota fashion and quite acceptable.

I saw an old friend this weekend. She talks a lot and I mean a lot. I decided to try and keep up but it's like a fusillade. I tried to match her story for story but she just kept going, firing volley after volley across my bow. It was a barrage of stories. Once in a while she'd slip two in if I wasn't ready. Bam...bam bam...bam bam bam. After a while, I just gave up and came home.

I went to B&N today to look at Pillars of the Earth. I thought maybe it would be on sale. I never used to think twice about dropping money on books I might not like but lately, maybe too many have piled up in my house, I won't do it. I'll buy copies of favorite authors but I use the library for recreational reading.

The neighborhood dogs are going berserk. I don't mean the dogs across the street or even the dogs right next door. The dogs a street or two away. They sound like the damn Hounds of the Baskervilles. Last night when I was going to sleep they were barking like there was a murder being committed. I tell you things are going to hell. Between dogs and sirens and constant lawn mowing a guy hardly has a nerve left. I'm trying to stay true to my commitment to have a better disposition but it's tough.

I just checked my favorite image cache for berserk and there is a lot of violence pictured...swords and guns and implements of destruction. I try to limit my intake of stuff like that so I don't know what the deal is but maybe it's a punk band or something. I don't see violence when I think of berserk.

On a positive note, I got a haircut today after work. Patrick always ask what I want done and I always say you're the artiste, Patrick. Just no old lady do's. He did me right today...I have spikes and loop de loops. I just looked up the word esthetician on google. Check out this page if you think you know anything. DISAMBIGUATION. What the...???

Well, here I go to make mashed potatoes when it's 85 degrees outside.


PP said...

Sure, eating mashed potatoes in summer can be considered does that make eating dog crap in the winter A-OK?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you about summer and winter foods. I made some wraps for supper tonight that are more for a summer lunch outside at a cafe, but for what it's worth, it wasn't WINTER food!