Wednesday, June 25, 2008

sitting in the dark and cool watching a movie

That's a nice subject line but it didn't last long. Regis hollered at me from the front yard and we sat in our lawn chairs for a while and watched the turkey vultures float overhead. It's an unbelievably beautiful night. Some front must have moved through because the air is drier, it's cooler, and there isn't a cloud in the sky.

You know how pigeons walk down the roof shingles? I watched one that got going too fast. It reminded me of a person walking downhill and how they go faster and faster. Poor little pigeon. Must not have had a lot of experience with roof walking. When Peter was little he had a book by Louise Erdrich with pigeon in the title. He called them pig-eons.

First of all, if you haven't responded to my plea for book recommendations, please do. I'm really desperate. I've lost my ability to pick something off the shelf and find it satisfying. I've reread more books in the last year than I've read new books.

We've had the movie Pollock for a week now but we still haven't watched it. The weather is so nice we want to take advantage of it. Usually it's hotter than hell and humid this time of year. The movie can wait.

This is a water bottle Regis got from his place of employment. The bottle is upside down because it's crumpled up and won't sit right-side-up anymore. This morning I decided to make iced coffee so I poured some coffee from the thermos into this bottle thinking I would let it cool and then add ice. It melted right before my eyes. God forbid someone should put it into the microwave. It's hard plastic so I didn't expect this level of disintegration from coffee that was not even very hot. I poured the coffee down the drain because you can't trust a bottle that will do this. Imagine the chemicals that were given off. Retired Larry, do plastic bottles really give off toxic substances?

I'm not too much given to drinking from big bottles anyway so it was probably divine intervention that this one melted. I hate that when people walk around or sit in meetings sucking on giant beverage bottles like calves. Hell, even calves get weaned eventually. I remember my grandma used to rant about putting the gallon of milk on the table. She wouldn't be a fan of the water bottle craze.

I made an easy summer pie. Here's how you do it. Buy a graham cracker crust. The biggest one. Buy a big tub of cool-whip, a can of sweetened condensed milk, and 6 ounces of lime juice. Mix it all together. Add some lime zest if you like. Put it into the crust and refrigerate for two hours. Simple.

I looked at a pint of cream at the grocery store today. I don't usually notice the prices of things but this baby was $3.98 for a pint. Is that what I've always paid for cream? That's about as much as a gallon of milk. I opted for the chemical version in the freezer section. A guy has to cut back somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Concerning plastic bottles, it depends on the type of plastic. Polycarbonate bottles (clear and hard) can give off bisphenol A over time and this is implicated as a hormone mimicking compound. Studies are still underway. Vinyl bottles (PVC) and others can have plasticizers (softening agents, so they're not brittle) like dioctylphthalate. Still unsure about the possible toxicity of these materials, also. Mylar ( polyethylene terepthalate, PET)bottles like those 2-liter Coke and those of most bottled water have been studied quite thoroughly. I would not hesitate to use them.

What the hell, we're old farts, anyway, and beyond reproduction.