Sunday, June 15, 2008


I wanted to post some pictures of my poppies blooming. I don't take very good pictures so I asked my weary husband to do it and of course, he jumped up and grabbed the camera. Most good photos you see here are his work...or if they're mine, they're an accident. I think these are gorgeous. He gives credit to the evening sun but I think it's a good eye, too. The first one reminds me of an Andy Warhol painting that I saw at the MC last week. I got this plant from my Auntie Vi so it's always been a favorite. Poppies are so fragile, too, like tissue paper...a hard wind or driving rain and they disintegrate.

We had a nice time at Bob and Emily's house at a Father's Day cook-out. It was warm and breezy and the bugs weren't too bothersome. Ella and I played ball. She ran over and rang the wind chime every time I kicked it. Then she would kick it and say, "Go get it, Nana!" By the time we left, she had watermelon and ketchup and Oreo's pretty much everywhere. She wanted to "hug my shoulders" and how can you say no to that. It just makes your heart hurt.

I've been fascinated with the coverage of Tim Russert's death this weekend. I wasn't a regular viewer of Meet The Press but I liked his book Big Russ and Me. The stories about him are very poignant and uplifting. This morning's episode is very much worth watching. It's almost like a president died. It seems like everyone knew him and loved him. It seems like he made people want to be better because he had such a big heart.

All weekend when we sat in the porch we heard this weird sound, like a bear rummaging in a garbage can next door. Since we live in town, that didn't seem likely but every time I stood up, the sound would stop. I finally solved the on the corner with a skate board ramp. Ah, a skate board ramp. Better than a bear.

Tomorrow morning, I do my final presentation of my portfolio. So, say a prayer or lift a glass or do whatever is your act of blessing. I'm going to need it. The next voice you hear....

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