Sunday, June 29, 2008

one gripe and the rest miss sunshine

That yappy dog next door is the last thing I hear at night and the first thing I hear in the morning. The yappy dog and the power implements. Urban noise pollution, I guess.

Regis made this delicious pork loin on the grill yesterday. I tried to copy the recipe into this post but there was an html problem. Whatever that means. Google Herb and Honey Grilled Pork Roast if you want to see it. (We also had Mexican tabouleh, Cuban bread, picnic potato salad, and peach pie.) Tom and Betty came down and we had a great time sitting in the garage out of the rain, smelling the smoke from our grill, and watching the smoke drift up from Paul's BBQ across the street. The rain came down hard for a while and Regis was unhappy that it was such a cold day. I prefer a summer like this when you can have the windows open. There are so many nice summer sounds that you miss when you have the AC on: mourning doves, crickets, cardinals, baseball.

Our garage is an interesting structure. I think it was moved here from a farm. It looks like a shed inside, old oily boards and at the far end there's a nose extension for a long car like a 62 Chrysler. (I got this information from someone else. I wouldn't know a 62 Chrysler from a spaceship. My college roommate knew cars so well she could tell a 67 something from a 68 something and she thought it was hilarious that I categorized cars only by short and long. I didn't even know the kind unless I could read it on the back.) This little extension is only about four feet tall but it has a shingled roof and walls just like the rest of the garage. Our little Toyota fits in their nicely but they must have had to crawl out the trunk of a bigger car.

We watched Juno after dinner. I cried as I laughed out loud. It was a sweet movie with some surprises and some very good acting. I loved the mom and dad. Bless their hearts. The Next movie on our queue is No Country for Old Men. I have a feeling I may not watch it through. It got lots of accolades but every review mentions the violence and I'm a pansy when it comes to that.

I started Pillars of the Earth last night. It's a good story but a big heavy book. When I'm done with it, I'm going to open the window and heave it at that yappy little dog. Big book, small dog. I ought to be able to inflict an injury that will silence him for a few days. Little bastard.

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