Thursday, June 05, 2008

june 5 the garden

The fat frog and my new rhubarb leaf birdbath.

The rooster guards the walk.

I love the color of the cheddar pinks!

Look at these poppies waiting to burst into bloom.

We're in a tornado watch tonight and the forecasters are bleating ominous reports everywhere you look. Natural disaster predicted. High risk for plains states. Regis wants me to watch a security video film from a bank in Iowa where they had an F5 tornado. Yeah, I want to see that. Check out the blog of Paul Douglas is you want your pants scared off your ass.

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Jill said...

Help, help, help! I just read your blog two minutes ago, and now there's a new post, with pictures of lovely flowers, flowers about to burst open, a fat frog and a lovely leaf. Beautiful pictures!

When do you leave for "up North"?