Thursday, June 26, 2008

is this an oblivious man thing or what?

We're sitting out in the yard after work and my husband announces that he invited a woman from work to stop by later. What? Is this for dinner? A drink? Is she coming in the house? Do I take out a lawn chair? He acts like this is not a big deal. So, about 5:30 this woman shows up and she's very nice and she visits and meanwhile I make dinner on the grill (but she won't eat) and she still visits and now it's 7:30 and she's still here and I'm tired of her. I don't know her. I've talked about everything I have to say and I'm done. So I pick up the tray and come in to do dishes. If you are a young man or know one, warn them against this kind of entertaining. It's too nebulous for most women and they will kick your ass at some point in the future because you've put them in this situation.

I'm sorry I put those random capital P's in my post last night. Jill uses capital letters creatively and they look cool so I thought I could do it, too, but it looks dumb in my post. I'm not going to edit the post and change them, though. It's a reminder.

Regis took the dog in the front yard. We have an anti-social dog who bites other dogs and is half, no mostly, blind. He's accustomed to the fenced back yard but not to the freedom of the front year where people walk by with their dogs. This is another reason I came into the house. Regis will get distracted and forget he has a dog attached to his wrist. It will result in a dog fight or an injury. If you think he's going to read all of this and get annoyed, don't worry. He thinks he can intuit how I feel and doesn't need to see it in writing. Laugh out loud. I'll let you know about the dog fight later.

I went up to Betty's house to pump iron this afternoon. I told her I had a book that I downloaded from the CDC called Strength Training for Older Americans. I'm not sure what they mean by older Americans. The pictures, actually drawings, are of young people but the descriptions sound like older people. It doesn't say anywhere that you should be 60 or 80 to attempt these exercises but they use cans of soups for weights and talk about balance which so far, has not been a problem for me.

My friend, Retired Larry (he's a chemist) had this to say about plastic bottles:
Concerning plastic bottles, it depends on the type of plastic. Polycarbonate bottles (clear and hard) can give off bisphenol A over time and this is implicated as a hormone mimicking compound. Studies are still underway. Vinyl bottles (PVC) and others can have plasticizers (softening agents, so they're not brittle) like dioctylphthalate. Still unsure about the possible toxicity of these materials, also. Mylar ( polyethylene terepthalate, PET)bottles like those 2-liter Coke and those of most bottled water have been studied quite thoroughly. I would not hesitate to use them.

We made it through the evening with no dog fight. The dishes are done. I'm going to bed to read.

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Jill said...

I'm enjoying your use of capital letters much more than my use of same. Keep on with it.It's inspirational. If I spell any words wrong here, it's because I can't see tonight. My eyes are watering because I'm tired after a day of recuperation from the cataract surgery.

Who is this woman Regis invited over, anyway? I don't mean 'what's her name' but rather, what was Regis thinking? Don't answer that.

By the way, I'd rather drink out of glass. It may have lead in it, but at least we know it's poisonous and we don't have to wonder about it.

I wonder what kind of soup cans are the best for weights? I'd say minestrone.