Friday, June 27, 2008

a day without work

I decided not to work today. Nice to have that option, I know. I slept in until 8, worked on my menus and grocery list, then took a nap. When I got up, I cleaned the house in my nightgown. There's something relaxing about that because I don't feel like I have to hurry. We had an early delivered dinner and now we're watching Pollock. It's painful to watch; he's a tortured figure, but the acting and the story are very good. Good Tom Waits song at the end, too.

I suppose this sounds unsophisticated but art that looks like something I could do doesn't seem like much to admire.

We were sitting out in the yard last night when our young neighbors stopped by with their baby. We visited for a while over the grill and we told them we had thought about moving our chairs and grill to the backyard this summer because it seems kind of trashy to sit in the front yard and eat right off the grill. No, they protested loudly. They said they love to see us out there every's so old school, like a front porch. Hmmm. Old farts on the porch.

Betty and Tom are coming for pork loin on the grill tomorrow, weather permitting. I'm going to make a Mexican taboulleh salad that I used to make from a Jane Brody cookbook. I don't usually like taboulleh; it tastes like bird seed, but this recipe has enough vegetables in it that it just has a nice nutty texture. Blah blah blah. I sound like some old food critic.

Speaking of menus and grocery lists, I'm still writing a weekly menu and making a list from it. It's had lots of benefits: less eating out because I can't think of what to make, less food thrown away, more economical list because we look at the ad and the coupons, less time spent going to the store. Now I wonder how I did it all those years just buying random stuff here and there. It's amazing I ever got a meal together.

I made an error last week though and had two burger meals and only bought enough burger for one meal. When I went the Hynes/McGraw Gym and Grocery Emporium, the took pity and gave me a package of burger to save me a trip to the store.

I read in the paper today that one of the hospital cafeterias is taking drastic cost-cutting measure: no lemons in ice water, no tomatoes in the burger line, for example. The loss of tomatoes is not a big loss, I bet. Most tomatoes you get in a restaurant taste like styrofoam.

Another thing I learned today on Talk of the Nation, and I'll try to report this delicately. A scientist said that the gas passed by women is smellier that the gas passed by men. But men win in volume so he said it was a draw. I wonder how they measure both of those: smell and volume. Hey, it was on public radio. I didn't make this up.

There's a small storm cell moving through. There are big fat raindrops bouncing off the roof of the car but it looks like the sun is coming out at the same time.

I abandoned another book in the middle last night: Lady Moses. I had a mild interest in it but not enough to keep going. Not even enough to read random pages to find out how it ends. It's very frustrating.


Anonymous said...

Larry says he resents the volume remark you reported. Charlie then said, "Don't you mean you resemble that remark instead?" Both of them rate high on the volume AND odor meters, if you get the drift. Wait--you wouldn't want to get that particular drift.

Anonymous said...

I thought only 10 year old boys enjoyed talking about flatulence. Guess I was wrong. Even my well educated daughter loves to talk about farts. Maybe the only thing she read in college was "Everyone Farts"