Friday, May 23, 2008

seriously, dude

Amanda used that as a subject line on her post today and it does such a nice job of expressing my attitude lately that I stole it from her. Is that plagiarism? I think we steal things all the time from what we read and we aren’t always aware that words or phrases have crept into our language, although I was aware in this case and blithely swiped it anyway.

Yesterday I wrote about the word ennui. I know that words get into my vocabulary in steps…it’s not like one day I hear a new word and yippee I’m able to say it and use it in a sentence where it makes sense. I’ve read ennui many times, thought it a few times, and finally it fit in something I wanted to say.

Looks like a good weekend coming up. Regis and I have some relaxing time planned for this evening, I get a haircut tomorrow, I’m helping Joanne with a graduation party on Sunday, and Monday we are invited to a picnic at Bob’s house. I’d like to plant some flowers sometime and clean out the back porch. I know that has been on the agenda for weeks but agendas don’t always get done according to plan. Hey, it’s just a guide not a commitment.

I finished the Mayo Brothers book and started a book by Louise Erdrich, The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse. It’s very good, so far. This spring I reread almost all of her books so I feel like I have lived with those characters. I didn’t read them in order, though, which isn’t really important except that characters who were dead are suddenly back to life.

I have two blossoms on my fern leaf peony this year. Mom gave me that plant ten years ago and I’ve moved it three times, trying to find a place where it could be happy enough to blossom. I might finally have it. It’s about 18 inches tall this year which is the tallest it has ever been before, too.

I bought some rabbit repellent because the rabbits ate my lilies off at the ground every year. I didn’t realize what it was and had my nose right in there so I could see what I was doing. Oh my, the smell nearly knocks you off your feet. The label says it is “putrescent egg solids” which can only mean rotten eggs. You don’t want to get that stuff on you, believe me. It is a putrid smell. A rabbit would have to be very hard up to eat something that smelled like that.

We got a new fax machine at school the other day. It faxes, scans, prints, and emails. You can email a fax to someone. How in the heck does that work? Larry just laughs when I express surprise and wonder how it works. I know it goes through the phone lines and I think it’s a digital signal but I’m not sure what that means, really.

Earlier in the week, I am embarrassed to admit, I was ordering chicken wings for Joanne’s party. That’s not the embarrassing part. I told John I needed wings for 100 people. He said he’d recommend 300 wings and he would give me the special price of 35 cents a piece. This is the embarrassing part: I said will that be about 900 dollars then? He said no, it would be about 90 dollars. I wish the math part of my brain worked a little better than it apparently does. After I thought about it for a minute, of course, 900 dollars would not make sense, but my initial reaction is that since numbers are random, then 900 makes as much sense as 90. This is why I am not a financial advisor.

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