Sunday, May 04, 2008

More weekend activity

We had dinner last night with Young Reg's in-laws, Peggy and Mike. Very nice people and lots of fun. They live in Grand Rapids so their stories are about snowmobiling and ice fishing and moose. Actually I don't remember them telling moose stories but it sounds so up north.

Patrick's was packed...looked like a wedding party, maybe some prom-goers, lots of college students and parents, and the general riff-raff to watch the Kentucky Derby. Ella and Emily stayed home because Ella is developing a bad cold.

We stopped at the liquor store on our way to pick up a couple lottery tickets. Regis found a pile of t-shirts for a buck each so the men at the party all got party favors...Jagermeister t-shirts.

We also celebrated Amber's birthday with a present of Bath and Body Works products and a bottle of wine. That could mean a really long bubble bath and a big glass of pinot grigio. Nice way to spend Sunday.

I'm almost done with the furniture rearranging around here. I made an ad to sell the piano which I kind of hate to do. I always wanted a piano but in the years since we've had it, I've taught myself two songs, Lavender's Blue and For He's a Jolly Good Fellow. Quite a repertoire. Nobody ever plays it and that's not a good life for a piano. It should be somewhere it's appreciated.

I think I'll clean up the back porch today.

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