Friday, May 02, 2008

It's a cold monsoon out there

I don't know if cold and monsoon are mutually exclusive concepts but you get the idea. It's freezing cold and there is a torrential rain coming down. Someone looking out the window with me swore they saw snowflakes. I don't doubt it a bit. The bars will be full tonight.

We've made it through another week of testing at the famous M clinic in R. We had a good laugh last night over the fact that Regis has a EMG scheduled because he happened to mention a sore toe which also resulted in him prancing around the doctor's office on his toes and heels wearing a hospital gown. I would have laughed out loud if I had been there. I said he better lock his lips and be careful what he scratches while he's there. If they get a hint that anything is amiss, you're in for an expensive test. They may not discover what's wrong but they will certainly find out what's NOT wrong.

The city is picking up yard waste on Monday so we planned to rake and trim trees and pick up sticks over the weekend but...whew...this weather lets us off that nasty hook. I know my neighbors with the anal retentive yard habits are chewing their nails but the lazy ones among us are enjoying the extra naps and reading time.

Well, time to move on into the weekend. More news as it develops.

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