Friday, May 09, 2008

Crossing the finish line with one leg tied behind my back

I made it to the end of the week but just barely. I don't remember if I mentioned this or not but I've decided I have seasonal allergies. Sunday night I was so miserable I was sure I was coming down with some horrible flu or at least a bad cold. It never materialized but I continued to feel crappy until I got some Zyrtec. I felt better with that but still was so tired I could hardly drag myself around. What a whiner.

It's a beautiful afternoon but the rest of the weekend is supposed to be cold and rainy. I have to clean the house tomorrow...not my favorite endeavor...and I guess some of our off-spring are coming for dinner on Sunday. Regis says he is in charge and I only have to decide what I want to eat.

Work has been stressful lately as the ends of school years are. I called a friend of mine after school today and said what if it never gets better, what if every year we just get tired of each other's BS earlier and more intensely, what if we lose interest more and more every year. And I think, it occurs to me just now, that I have had this thought before, too. My theory before was that one day you just stop showing up and nobody misses you for a while and finally they ask where you are. Funny.

A guy from one of the local cable companies came around last night peddling cable television. He wanted to know what we had for cable service and phone. When I said we didn't have either service he looked at me like we were the Flintstones. Once in a while, I miss tv. I miss the cooking channels mostly. Alton Brown mostly. This week I watched a couple old dvd episodes of Law and Order. I really like that show but a steady diet of it makes you think the world is full of scary people and you should stay inside with your doors locked.

This cute couple from Waseca, about our age, won the lottery this week. I wonder how long it takes to get the actual money. They said they weren't planning to quit work but I think it would be hard to work up the motivation if you had that kind of money. I think I would leave a message in the middle of the night. Don't look for me in the morning.

We went out to school to pick up a book that I forgot and Regis wanted to stop at the grocery store. I wouldn't go in because I have on my twenty year old Eddie Bauer shirt. It's so worn the seams are about the give way and it's baggy and ugly but very comfortable and always my first choice after a long week. But inevitably, when dressed like that, you run into people on their way to some fancy dress ball. So I let him go it alone.

While I was sitting in the parking lot, I thought about how writing on a blog has changed the way I think. Often during the day, something will happen and one of my first thoughts is about how I would write it and I think about the interesting details and rehearse writing it in my head. I don't think I ever sit down to write without having thought about at least some of the stuff beforehand. Hard to believe when it all seems like such drivel in the end. Some of the best stuff, I forget before I get the keyboard. Believe me on that one.

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Anonymous said...

I've had some of those thoughts about how I might write something on my blog, and like you, I'll do a run-through in my head. The clever and witty repartee I come up with either evaporates or else isn't all that clever and witty when it's written down. You, on the other hand, manage to salvage the good stuff and put it on virtual blog-paper.