Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cool and windy

We didn't get any snow last night which was a relief but the wind has battered the house all day again. Poor birds can hardly land to eat on the feeder. At least the sun is shining.

I'm going to Rochester with Regis on Monday. He has tests and appointments all day until late afternoon, then another early morning appointment. I decided, because the whole process is stressful, that rather than driving home, we would stay over. So I made a reservation at the Kahler which is right across the street and connected by the subway system. They have a room that's $3000 a night (the square footage of this room is twice that of our house) but we got something much more modest, the list of amenities for which included "toilet". Hmmm. That makes you wonder if there are hotels that don't include one. Maybe it should make me wonder what kind of room one gets for peanuts in an establishment that has rooms for 3 grand.

Ella came over this morning with her daddy, Uncle Reg, Glen, and Tom. The men moved furniture to the storage building while I made a boatload of pancakes and bacon. Ella has a box of toys here but she prefers my basket of measuring cups and spoons, the dog leash, and a small cooler that she packs with shoes. Who needs expensive toys? She wanted to know where Betty was today and why she didn't come to play. Last time Ella was here, she and Betty made paper crowns, cut with a real scissor, and sang a song about a kitty. Ella loved it.

I bought a new printer. There was nothing too much wrong with my old printer but it was almost ten years old and I needed a new scanner. I thought it might make sense to buy a machine that does both things. It might make sense but this is much more complicated than my Epson and I can't figure out how to make the picture quality better. It's a Canon so you would think they would make it easy, but no. If you look inside this beast (it has a stick to hold the hood up like a car) lights flash like a runway or a space ship. Regis has more patience with this kind of thing than I do so I might go back to the Epson.

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm not doing a darn thing that could be considered constructive. The sun is coming in the window, I'm sitting here pondering stupid stuff like printers and the price of hotel rooms, and listening to music. I guess that's valuable stuff even though it isn't cleaning or yard work. My neighbor had one his gas-powered implements going this morning by 9. And so it starts.

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