Friday, May 02, 2008

Ah, Friday night

We went to see some friends tonight and had a pan of left-over lasagna from a church dinner and several bottles of wine. The rain pounded the windows on the east side of the house, then on the north side. I'm not sure what that means, meteorologically, but it can't be good. We had a good time considering all the wine and beer and Tom's rapier wit. While it's painful sometimes to have friends who remember your husbands and boyfriends from 30 years ago, it's also nice to remember, and to remind them, that they (Tom) dropped their pants in those days, when the party was over.

We're home now, looking at the rest of the weekend. I have to get up early and prepare for the furniture movers. I rented a 10X10 storage unit and I'm moving some excess furniture out of the garage and the basement. I've warned my kids that they have until the end of August to claim what they want, then it's going to the curb. The price of the moving help is breakfast... pancakes and eggs and bacon for twenty. I'm not sure this is a good deal.

I've been angry lately and I'm not sure why. I've thought about job stuff, spring cleaning stuff, getting old stuff, yard stuff, and maybe a combination of any of those. Don't try to give me any bullshit about life is good. I know that but sometimes I'm still pissed. It's just the way it is.

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