Saturday, April 26, 2008

What the

My mom lives in Canby, in southwestern Minnesota, and this picture was taken out her front door yesterday, April 25th. That's her little frog band covered with snow. They had about five inches on the ground by afternoon with high winds and poor visibility. Good grief is all you can say to that.

I woke up at 4 o'clock and peered out the window to see we have a covering of snow now, too. The Trib says some places up North will get 15 inches.

Regis and I were sloths last night. We had beef commercials for dinner and sat in front of 30 Rock for a couple hours. Nothing like comfort food and television to ease the pain of a winter that won't quit. We want to go to Mankato this morning just to get out, but I'm not putting a winter coat on again so if I can't go in a light jacket, I'm not going.


Amanda said...

i, too, as disgusted with this snow! as soon as i saw it, i had the same thought as you did: but i don't WANT to wear my winter coat again! dumb ol' minnesota anyway....

Jill said...

For a minute I thought all of that snow was in YOUR yard, and I nearly freaked out, wondering how you could have that much more than we did, only a mile away.

There was supposed to be a prom in Alexandria tonight. I hope they didn't cancel it.Seems like a fun option to go by sleigh or snowmobile.

Miles had a hard time understanding the cold weather, snow, and wind today.