Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday evening

I sat in a lawn chair for a while this afternoon, just enjoying the sun. Then I decided to pick up a bagful of leaves and sticks from the edge of the garden so I got my garden hopper out and scooted along the sidewalk. This is the best invention ever. Even better than the thermos. There's a little spot for a cold drink, you can store your gloves and nippers in the cubby underneath, and it scoots along just fine. It doesn't make corners very well so you have to levitate and turn it by hand...but I guess that isn't so bad.

Regis is on his way home from Pennsylvania. He called from Shakopee to say he'll be home about 6:30 and the boys can stop over to pick up their share of the booty: Tasty Cakes, soft pretzels, and bagels, and hard rolls. He mailed most of his clothes back to St. Peter yesterday so he'd have more room in his suit case for food. His family must think we live in the back woods and the general store is too far away to walk to very often. Hee haw.

I watched the movie Away from Her last night. I really liked it but it's a good thing I watched it when Regis was gone. It was a typical movie for me: long dreamy camera shots, soft music, no action, and a tear-jerker. No war scenes, no car chases, no bad guys. Perfect. Today I watched a few episodes of 30 Rock. Great television. I think I've moved into a love story-comedy phase of entertainment; I've lost interest in the Sopranos.

It looks like some rain and thunder this week. That will be ok. I don't like the pressure to start lawn mowing too early.

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