Thursday, April 10, 2008


For years, I've fought with spices to find a good way to store them so they were easy to find when I needed them. I've tried jars in baskets, rows on a shelf, drawers, nothing worked. A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto a website called Custom Magnetic Spice Racks. I ordered a bunch of clear-topped 8 ounce tins and tonight, Regis and I organized the whole mess. I ordered labels and magnetic strips from the same company so now all my herbs and spices are in labeled containers and stuck to the side of the refrigerator in alphabetical order. No more hunting through baskets to find what I need in the middle of a cooking project. I need to order a few more tins so I can finish this project but I'm really happy with it. Regis thought it might be kind of a girly project for him to be involved in but I assured him that plenty of men would envy our spice storage system.

The weather here is just as bad as we anticipated. No snow yet but the wind has been gusting to 38 mph and the rain is coming sideways. It's starting to freeze now and it's thundering. We went to the PO and the library after school and people on the street were unidentifiable because everyone had a hood up. It's ugly out there.

I made the decision to withdraw my application for the job. I thought about it long and hard but it's the right decision for the right reasons. I'm relieved that it's over. No ships, no regrets.

Stay warm and dry tonight.


Anonymous said...

How about a cruise ship? You deserve a vacation.

Amanda said...

i am loving those spice tins. we have spices stashed all over the kitchen and it takes me forever to figure out where the one i need is. but i look at your fridge and think, dang, callum would sure love sneaking a chair over there, taking them all down, and emptying them. i guess i have to wait on those for now:)