Friday, April 11, 2008

Crayola birthday and stormy skies

Crayola this week is announcing eight newly named colors this year, which is the 50th anniversary of the crayon maker's iconic 64-count box.

But don't expect the new crayons' names to be much of clue about the hue.

Try these new names on for size:
Super Happy (yellow), Fun in the Sun (orange), Giving Tree (green), Bear Hug (brown), Awesome (dusty pink), Happy Ever After (blue), Famous (hot pink) and Best Friends (purple).

I'm not such a fan of the color names. I like things simple, but what the hell. I don't use crayons all that often anyway.

I took the dog outside on the leash last night. If we put him in the back yard he stands with his head down like we've put him on an ice floe. He tiptoes from stepping stone to stepping stone but he won't get off to pee. His delicate feet might get wet. But when you take him out the front door on the leash, he charges out the door, pees on everything vertical, and would go on for a long time through puddles and icy wind.

Keep your powder dry today! More precipitation coming!

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Anonymous said...

I miss Burnt Umber.