Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back to my life

I feel like I'm coming out from under a black cloud. I did the dishes tonight, made dinner with the help of my patient husband, and now we're watching a movie. Nothing new to report on the job process and I don't feel like talking about it anyway.

If you don't read Charlie's blog (link of the right) regularly, be sure to check it today. He has a very clever letter to Paul Douglas who was recently given the boot by WCCO. I know he has millions, Paul not Charlie, but I still hate to see him go. He's an institution in Minnesota, Paul not Charlie.

We're watching Lawrence of Arabia. I liked the first part but the second part has a lot of war in it. Regis says that's because it's a WAR movie. I hate all the shooting and beating and sword action; it really doesn't show a nice side of humanity. But I guess if he'll watch Priscilla Queen of the Desert with me, I can watch Lawrence of Arabia with him.

I've been reading books for the second and third time lately. I can recommend Tracks by Louise Erdrich and Four Souls by the same author. She has a new book coming out called The Plague of Doves that looks interesting. I've liked all her books very much and it surprises me when I look at Amazon and some people are so critical. No accounting for taste, I guess.

I read her sister's book based on a very positive review in the Tribune. I won't mention her name in case she googles herself and I hurt her feelings, but I didn't like it. It's a string of odd little vinaigrettes. Laugh out loud. I know that isn't the right word...just repeating what I heard a woman say once.

Ok, there is about enough blood in this movie. I'm closing my eyes during the battles. And besides, it started with the end which I hate in movies and books. I like to follow a real-time chronology. I'm easily confused.

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