Saturday, April 12, 2008

Airport weird shit

Well, I have a couple cleaning tasks to do, otherwise I'm as done as I get. We're going to motor over to Kohl's later to buy a Spot Bot, a little bitty carpet cleaning thing that gets really good reviews from pet owners. There's a Bothy show tonight that's one of our favorite bands, Becky Thompson and Old School. I'm prepared to weep at least once. Becky channels Patsy Cline.

Regis made a reservation for a parking lot in Minneapolis for Thursday when he flies out to PA. He could have gotten insurance for two bucks:

Full benefit is paid to you for accidental loss of life, two limbs, both eyes or one limb and eye; one-half the amount is paid for loss of one limb or one eye. Benefits are payable up to one year from the date of accident.

Dude. I think I have it figured out now. You have to lose two of something to get the full benefit.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, we should have gone shopping together today! Tanner, Miles and I bought a Mean Green Super Duper What A Cleaning Machine at Kohl's this afternoon. The one we purchased was right next to a Spot Bot. If we had a pet, we would have considered the 'Bot. Rumor has it the Green Machine is particularly good at cleaning baby barf, though. I should've asked Amanda what machine they bought for Mr. Callum!