Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday and good news: my head didn't explode

I made it through the interview without embarrassing myself. I'm glad it's over. I brought home fifty pounds of stuff to read and learn before the next round but I'm not going to look at this weekend.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the tornado. There's a good photo spread here, if you're interested. I've looked at so many pictures over the years, I'm sort of weary of them. And they bring back unpleasant memories. We're going to commemorate the occasion by opening Tom's bar. I'm bring a blue tarp, the movie Twister, and walnut bread with feta cheese spread. I was making walnut bread the day of the storm and Bert tried to get in the refrigerator every time I opened it.

We went to hear a good bluegrass band last night: Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain. I remember noting some interesting things to write about while I sat there but today they don't seem very interesting after all. As we walked up the door, a smiley with red hair was eating a Moon Pie by the band's big white van and trailer. I asked where they were from and you can't even begin to write this accent: Tennessee. It was a grand evening and they gave us each a handful of Moon Pies to take home.

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