Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reasons why things suck sometimes...in no particular order

1. I read on my favorite goat blog, that one of Brandy's twins died during the night of his birth. Today I read that his twin sister, Earlene, died. I could never be a farmer as I'd be crying all the time.

2. Regis has to go to the Mayo Clinic the end of April. I hate that he has to wait so long and I hate that they say it will be 3-5 days.

3. Peter got a speeding ticket on his way back to Canby yesterday. He's beside himself with worry that his insurance will go up and he won't be able to afford to drive. He's mad at himself and disappointed.

4. I made scalloped potatoes tonight and burned them all over the floor of the oven. It stunk up the house and made a gray haze in the living room.

5. I spent three nights reading a book that I finally abandoned: Love in a Time of Cholera. It was getting a little tedious although I liked the detailed descriptions. Last night I read some reviews online and decided it was time to pull the plug.

6. It's cold and windy today and feels like winter so I put on my sandals and went to the liquor store to buy a bottle of pinot grigio, a summer wine. That part didn't suck.

7. I made a nice blueberry cobbler the other night and bought some vanilla ice cream for the top. Regis just made himself a bowl and carried it into the living room. I looked, and in shock and amazement, realized he had sprinkled red M&Ms on top. That's just not right.

8. I have clothes piled all over the bedroom. Huge piles on top of dressers that almost go to the ceiling. Some are clothes that I only wear in the dead of winter, some are things I don't like anymore but don't hate enough to get rid of, some are things I just forgot about and can't find because they're in a pile. I have no plans to do anything about this soon.

9. I spent a couple hours at a meeting today for which I am sure one of the great forests of the Eastern seaboard had to perish. Enormous quantities of paper were doled out. I don't know about the other people there, but I'm not looking at most of that stuff again. That's more jargon than is healthy to have in your presence. It could spontaneously combust right in your face.

10. There is a forecast for significant snow on Thursday...then again on Sunday...then again on Tuesday. I like snow but not in April. What kind of curse is this?

11. I thought 10 was enough but fate dropped another one in my lap. We got a call about teaching a safe driving for the elderly class in May. The person who was supposed to do it died. Uff da.

Let's hope I don't have to add anything else.

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Anonymous said...

I can't respond to your list because I don't know WHERE TO BEGIN. Every one of the items is a conversation, except maybe the M&M's on Regis's blueberry cobbler. I wouldn't know how to make it right.

Send me a note if you want me to drop off Atonement tomorrow. I would have gotten it to you yesterday if I'd known Cholera wasn't going to catch fire. Sometimes you gotta just say no, even though the literary muckety- mucks would gasp in horror.