Sunday, March 23, 2008

Observations on the weekend

Holiday weekends can be stressful. At least I got most of my work done in the first day so I could be incredibly lazy ever since.

We had the little dinner party Friday night. That makes it sound like we sat around the dining table in frocks drinking high balls and eating leg of lamb but we didn't. We had hot beef sandwiches and cowboy beans and Tom's cheese potatoes with your choice of beer or wine. Not too fancy but it did involve some cleaning and some time in the kitchen. I would love to cook even more if someone else would clean my house.

Yesterday I made a pork loin, intending to make Greek sandwiches with flat bread but I decided at some point in the afternoon, probably after a nap, that I had enough cooking so talked Regis and Peter into going to Mazatlan for dinner after a trip to TJ Maxx. I poked through the kitchen section looking for a big platter but only bought some stemless wine glasses that I don't like. Dinner was very good and it looked like a mariachi band was going to play later. I surmised this because there was a table of dudes in suits with guitar cases.

We watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which we rated 3 stars. If I hadn't read a detailed review that gave away the plot, I would have been lost. I don't get movies that go back and forth in time and prefer a more chronological plot. I hated Groundhog Day but liked Memento so I guess I'm not a complete loser when it comes to that as a plot device. I just don't like it.

I went to bed at 10 last night and slept until 9:30 and was only awake for one hour. That Ambien is amazing. I guess there's a Simpson episode where Homer can't sleep and takes something called Napien and turns into a zombie-like character but so far that hasn't happened to me. I have about two weeks worth of pills left. I don't know what Dr. Ruth will do then because they say this can be habit forming. Yeah, a good night's sleep is habit forming. The information on Ambien says your body should go back to normal sleeping patterns but mine hasn't. At least not yet.

We went to Bob and Emily's for dinner tonight so I escaped cooking again. We had a good dinner and Ella kept us entertained. For Easter we got her a little purple backpack with Tinkerbelle on it and put the blue egg and a dollar's worth of change inside. She loved it...oh, to be two and so easily tickled.

I haven't done a darn thing since I got home except shop the internet for a platter. I'm looking at an eBay store called Lakeside Ron's in Mexico. The guy sells a ton of pottery and women's underwear. Seems like a strange combination, I know. We've been eating ham sandwiches, Easter eggs, and lefse since we got home. The kitchen is a real mess but I'll deal with that tomorrow.

I did manage to make something called Easy Baklava today. It involves the same ingredients but you make little sachets out of the dough and put the filling inside like a purse. They were a hit but I don't know if they were that much easier than the real thing.

That's it for most of the weekend. Peter decided to stay one more night and leave in the morning. It's been nice to have him here.

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