Monday, March 10, 2008

Ella: The Daily Cute

Ella spent the day caring for her Nana and Popop Saturday while her Daddy helped her Uncle move to a new apartment. She was quite entertaining:
I showed her a picture from Thanksgiving, everybody in a bunch with big smiles. She said, "Oh look! Everybody's cheesin'!"
Regis made bacon for breakfast and brought it out to us in the living room. She took one bite, looked at me seriously and said, "We need more bacon!" and turned to trot back to the kitchen.
She was good as gold but she wears us out; even a good two-year-old is busy and curious and looking at everything. We had a fun day, though, and both of us got naps. Ahhhhh.

The weekend went too fast. We spent the day Sunday doing things we haven't done in a while and that were overdue: I washed the kitchen floor, Regis gathered and organized all our CDs, I vacuumed and dusted. Not my favorite chores.

We watched On the Beach last night. It's an old sci-fi movie with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner. Regis remembers seeing it when he was young and being fascinated by it. Since it's about nuclear bombs, it's a good thing I never saw it. I had nightmares about bombs when I was a kid and imagined that innocuous things my parents did, like carrying a box of canned vegetables to the basement or covering the windows with plastic were in preparation for the bomb. At this point in my life it wasn't that frightening but it was too sad and there was no redemption in the end. I need a little sign of life at the end of a movie like that.

On to the week, folks. It will be milder, babies, so maybe you can get out and stick your faces up to the sun one of the nicer days. Spring is coming! Believe it!

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Anonymous said...

Ella continues to be beautiful, sweet, and smart. How fun to have her make decisions about the amount of bacon Regis should serve! She'd be popular at my house!

Spring...I've heard of that.