Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weird brain thing

I've had too much in my head lately. So much in my head that stuff comes in faster than I can sort and file it and stuff goes out faster than I can monitor it. I looked at a co-worker the other day and said, "I got an email from you today. I didn't read it. Wait a minute. I did. We're meeting for lunch on Friday." What the hell. It's like there's a lag in my processing center. Or I find myself talking about something I am putting together in my head as I speak. Or something will blast through my mind at some point in the day and I recall an email, a memo, a something related to it...and then I have to go on a hunt to find whatever that is. Usually I am successful which I guess is a tribute to the brain in general, not mine in particular. Scary.

Regis and I both had bad days at work (must be going around) so we went down to the bar, watched some Mexican tv with Tom and Jim Davis, and had a bite to eat. All in all, a satisfying evening. Mexican tv has something like the old Candid Camera only more over the top. The women dress provocatively, there's some slapping and kicking, and there's no resolution. It's even stranger when you can't understand a word they're saying. It's perfect for the end of a bad day.

And since we were both awake at 4, we're tired and would like to go to bed. It's cold and snowy and dark again. What happened to spring? I had to come home at noon and get my mittens.

Regis is planning a trip back to Pennsylvania in April. I'm already nervous because I know how he drives here among the slow and slower moving vehicles. Imagine him there where everybody drives like the back end of the car is on fire. They don't make eye contact, they don't stay under the sign that says the name of the road they're on, and they don't merge when the directions say to merge. It's uncivilized.

Sometimes I crack myself up as in this post from November. Things that annoy me in no particular order.

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