Saturday, February 16, 2008


Peter came home this morning for a long weekend. He was driving his own car and was very proud to squire us around to a few errands and then out to eat for breakfast. Funny when kids come home, one of the things they want to do is eat at a favorite place. His is Massad's in Mankato. Tiffany likes to hit all the fast food joints. Tiffany is coming home tomorrow for the day so I'll have both kids under my roof again. We're having ribs and twice baked potatoes. There was a lot of discussion about the menu!

Kramer had a bath this morning. Well, actually a shower. Regis bought a contraption that screws onto the shower head so it's easier to bathe him. We bought some of the perfumed shampoo from the groomer so he smells nice, too. He sure was happy to see Peter. He went right to his toy basket and got the ball Peter always throws for him.

I have a three-day weekend and I don't know why, but one extra day makes it seem like a real vacation. I feel like I don't have to do a thing today.

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Jill said...

How touching that Kramer was ready to play ball with Peter! If only dogs could share their thoughts. Kramer must have some theories about why Peter has been gone so long.